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Business Owners

A Case Study

How We Serve Business Owners

A 50-year-old business owner came to us as a referral from his CPA. He was consumed with working nearly 24/7 in his manufacturing firm and had little time to focus on his personal financial situation. His business employed 20 people and they had an employer-sponsored retirement plan in place. He had cash to invest and was very interested in finding ways to minimize taxes. He knew he needed a financial plan for his family. In addition, he was preparing his business for a sale in the future.

Using our DRIVE Process™ we worked to understand both his business and personal financial goals. We uncovered opportunities to reduce his taxes, put his cash to work, and plan for the sale of his business.

  • Built a comprehensive financial plan that accounted for business and family aspirations
  • Set up a new compensation and benefit plan for him whereby he could save additional money, reduce taxes, and not be required to make matching employee contributions
  • Reallocated existing investment accounts to reduce taxes
  • Helped restructure assets for estate planning purposes