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Retirees Thumbnail


A Case Study

How We Serve Retirees

Introduced by her estate planning attorney, this soon-to-retire individual in her 60s needed a plan for taking monthly income from her investments, savings, and retirement plans. She had been successful in accumulating wealth during her working years but was now concerned about making her money last in retirement. She expressed concerns around protecting her money and adequately preparing for unforeseen healthcare costs. Most importantly, she wanted to have confidence in her own income while preserving money for her children and grandchildren.

Using our DRIVE Process™ we worked to solve for her fear about having enough money once she was no longer working. We were able to structure a complete retirement income plan that gave her clarity about the future.

  • Helped her determine the monthly income she would need today and into the future
  • Developed a comprehensive retirement income strategy that factored in inflation and cost of living increases
  • Designed an investment preservation plan with strategies to help minimize losses in down markets
  • Developed a long-term strategy for funding for healthcare and potential medical expenses